Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Best Features of a Shelf Ready Packaging

There are many benefits of shelf ready packaging. The major benefit is that the retailers would love to opt for the products packaged this way because such products are easy to manage on the shelves. In this scenario, it may be quite tricky to design the shelf-ready packaging to attract not only your customers but also to make sure the retailers handling your products are happy to carry and place your products on the shelves.

In this article, we are going to discuss the quality which should be present in a shelf-ready packaging.

They look great, even if they are empty
While it is good to have products filled in the stack in order to make the arrangement a showstopper, you need to make sure that the packaging looks great even if the packaging is empty. In this scenario, you can use virtual store environment to find out how your products look when they are placed on the shelf with different amounts of stock.

Make it easy for the customers
The main job of shelf-ready packaged products is more than just standing out on the shelf. It is quite important to make sure that shelf-ready packaging design you are developing is capable of making the package easy to use and identify for the customers. Moreover, it needs to very easy for the customers to spot the product and grab it out of the stack in one single motion.

The convenience for retailers

While a shelf-ready packaging design convinces the customer if the design is good, the main purpose of this kind of packaging is to make things easy for the retailers. It means that the retailers should be able to restack the shelves without using scissors or box cutters, without putting too much of the strain on their back and without having the read lengthy instructions. So, you have to make sure that the packaging is easy to tear open. It should have limited units, if weight is a concern. And the instructions about the packaging and product need to be printed directly on the packaging. And you have to make sure that the shelf-ready packaging you are designing is easy to dispose. You can also make it recyclable.

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